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2023 character animation demo reel from Stanley Watt on Vimeo


Demo Reel


Stanley Watt Character Animation 2024 from Stanley Watt on Vimeo.




Featured Productions

Unicorn Academy

Studio: Mainframe Studios
Distributor: Spinmaster: Netflix
Notable tasks completed:
- notes for rigs dev, animator workflows, and pipeline systems
- repairing the most difficult technical animation cases
- repairing lost or corrupted animation files
- establishing all animated hair system settings
- creation of pickers for all characters and props
- animator trainings on various topics and animation tools
- new hires training on studio workflows and animation tools
- development of optimization techniques to deal with large shots
- technical anim advisor to Production staff
- completion of shot work as needed

Madagascar, A Little Wild

Studio: Mainframe Studios
Distributor: Dreamworks: Hulu, Peacock

Hello Ninja

Studio: Atomic Cartoons
Distributor: Netflix

Lego Star Wars

Studio: Atomic Cartoons
Distributor: Disney Plus

Super Dinosaur

Studio: Atomic Cartoons
Distributor: Prime Video

Beat Bugs

Studio: Atomic Cartoons
Distributor: Disney Plus







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