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Stanley Watt

I approach my work with creativity and originality, striving to complete projects on time and to a high standard of quality. I am a motivated worker, and have successfully completed a wide variety of creative projects over the years.

I am a certified Character Animator. I graduated from Animation Mentor in 2012 with a Diploma for Advanced Studies in Character Animation.

I am also a certified artist and teacher. I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree (with distinction) and a Bachelor of Education degree.

I enjoying the process of learning and discovery.

Stan Watt




Please consider me for any current character animation opportunities.
General comments or feedback are also welcome. Contact:





Eta Carinae Design

Eta Carinae Design  


Eta Carinae Design is the Toronto-based studio of Stanley Watt.

Animation, Documentation, and Illustration summarizes the scope of jobs handled within Eta Carinae Design.

Every category of work presented on the variouis pages of this site represents available areas of creative service, including 3D animation, 3D graphics, illustration, artwork, and publishing.


Question and Answer


Q: What is Eta Carinae?

A: Eta Carinae is a binary star located within the Carina constellation. This star is the primary cause of the glow produced by the surrounding Eta Carinae nebula, a vast and impressive region of space. Despite its significant distance of 7,500 light years, the Eta Carinae nebula fills an area of the sky larger than the full moon.

In recent years, Eta Carinae has been steadily increasing in brightness. Although it was too dim to be observed directly in the 1990s, it is now visible to the unaided eye. During the 1800s, Eta Carinae went through a particularly spectacular brightening, becoming the second brightest star in the night sky, outshone only by Sirius (which is a 'mere' 8.6 light years away).

Eta Carinae represents the potential to consistently 'outdo itself' and shine more brightly than ever before.

Among visible stars, Eta Carinae is considered the most likely candidate for a supernova, something which could occur at any time. When this eventually does take place, Eta Carinae would, for a time, shine so brightly that one would be able to read by its light at night, and see it shining in the sky during the day!

Eta Carinae Design

 last updated: May 13, 2013