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Completed in-house by Stanley Watt, unless indicated otherwise, including styles, layout, graphics, illustrations and covers designs.

2010 - 2011: CATIE Tracing Books

CATIE Tracing Books

I was tasked with the conceptualization, design, and realization of a unique journal-style book. These are used as personal health diaries, within the context of a special Tracing Books method being implemented in Canada by CATIE.

Work on this project was done collaboratively with Tricia Smith at CATIE, who adapted the method, first developed in Africa, for use in Canada.

This was a unique design challenge. The resulting books were well received and the design is now being revised for a broader implementation.

Printing of these books was handled by St. Joseph(Ottawa).



2007 - 2008: Organisational Capacity Building series; a large publishing job completed for World Vision international (Geneva)

WV OCB Manual Series

This package of ten training manuals involved 746 pages of layout, 35 illustrations, and about 70 graphic elements. Styles and design were also originated, within the context of strict WV standards.

An emailable pdf version of the entire package was required. I at first thought this wasn't achievable for a package of this size! However, I was eventually able to get it zipped down to 4.99 mb with illustrations and graphics still in reasonably discernable form. The emailable version was bookmarked and set up with hyperlinks.

Cover designs and printing for this series were handled by Blue Apple (Ian and Lara Pugh).




from 2002, other major publications

Other books 

Most of these books were also published to pdf for online distribution, with optimizations for small file sizes.


2002 - 2004: Masiye Camp brochures


Many of these examples were completed while working at the Salvation Army Masiye Camp, Zimbabwe.




The art of lettering.


A few closing examples.


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