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Animation Links  

Animation Mentor

My animation school. Students are taught through a mentoring system by skilled professional animators, many of whom are currently working in major film studios. It's an online school, so no need to move to get on with your learning. I had a great experience with Animation Mentor and highly recommend this school.

11 Second Club

Willing to discover how good (or bad) your animation skills are? Take an 11 Second Club challenge. Winners earn themselves fame and a professional AnimationMentor eCritique.

You Animator

A promising peer-to-peer critiquing site



Client Links  


Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

World Vision International

Based in Geneva, Switzerland


Regional PsychoSocial Initiative, based in South Africa

Masiye Camp

A Salvation Army children's camp in Zimbabwe, where I worked for a time (has no current official website)



Associate Links  

The Salvation Army

Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Blue Apple

"Projects with Purpose", Ian and Lara Pugh


 last updated: May 13, 2013